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Construction Workflow Automation

The business tool built for you

Your construction business has unique needs, OnTraccr lets you meet them.

Ditch the spreadsheets and multiple apps

OnTraccr lets you decide exactly how you want to digitize your entire operation, from the field to the office, providing an all-in-one platform to power your business.


Project & Field Management

Give your team all the tools they need to manage projects. Whether it's scheduling, contract management, field reporting, or billing, OnTraccr has you covered. Seriously, this thing does it all.


Streamline Your

Entire Operation

OnTraccr is much more than just another project management tool, with unique, innovative workflow management features that let you manage every department of your business on one easy platform.




OnTraccr's game-changing construction automations can generate documents, handle approvals, send communications, update schedules, and much more, all without your team lifting a finger. 

Built for everyone in construction

Unlike all the one-size-fits-all construction software solutions out there, OnTraccr can be uniquely tailored to match your exact needs. No need to fit the software, the software fits you.


The most customizable construction software on the planet

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Central hub for your operations


Full project management feature-set including scheduling, geofencing, job costing, contract management, progress billing, reporting, and more.


Simplified field app for field teams to track time, report on progress, complete forms, and communicate in real-time.


Gain valuable insights into every aspect of your operation with the powerful analytics engine and create custom data dashboards in seconds.


Fully customizable project workflows with the ability to create custom user roles and permissions.

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"My experience with OnTraccr has been top notch. We are a small business in a very competitive field so being able to automate as much as possible through OnTraccr to save time and money has been a true blessing. Not only has OnTraccr provided us with a powerful and incredibly intuitive app, their customer service has also been truly exceptional. The training they provided to us was very thorough and they were always happy to assist us if we had any questions!"

Eddy Miranda, Project Manager & Estimator at Jax Exteriors

Simple yet powerful ways to manage your whole business


OnTraccr incorporates modern lean management techniques to help you track your business operations in the most efficient way possible.


Create fully customized trackers for any purpose, including project tracking, procurement, recruiting, and CRM.


Trigger documents and communications automatically by simply updating the status of your items or projects.


Users can collaborate together on any trackers across your entire operation.

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"We have been able to ditch the spreadsheets as well as various other apps we were using and instead track our business operations using the intuitive workflow management features that OnTraccr provides. From our high-level customer management and project tracking systems to our documentation and billing, OnTraccr has truly become our all-in-one business tool to make us more efficient. We are delighted to use this platform for our business and would highly recommend it to others!”

Mikaela Ketchum, Administrator at Advanced Level Roofing

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Automated Email

Construction Manager

From: Foreman

To: PM

Subject: Jobsite Form


Hi PM,

Please see the attached completed jobsite form for Worker.


Automated File Upload


Project Forms

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Design your own automations


Use any of OnTraccr's built-in automation templates or create your own from scratch.


Digitize any type of document from project forms to service and sales documents.


Design fully automated workflows that can do things like collect signatures, send emails, dispatch workers, manage approvals, transfer data to other apps, and much more.


"OnTraccr’s workflows for each step will save us significant time and the potential for human error which in turn will allow us to focus on areas that make us money, rather than cost us money.  There is not a moment of second-guessing our decision to switch to OnTraccr!"

Charlotte Wilson, Vice President at Hank's Plumbing & Gasfitting

Give your clients an experience unlike any other


OnTraccr's user-friendly client portal lets you give your clients access to your very own branded client experience.


Create and manage client accounts effortlessly, clients can sign up simply using their email address.


Clients can log in to view real-time information about their projects and communicate with your team.


Say goodbye to phone calls, text messages, and emails, and hello to your brand new client management system.

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Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 3.39.03 PM.png

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We're with you every step of the way

We invest heavily in the success of our customers, from onboarding to ongoing use of our platform, ensuring that you always have dedicated resources to help you as you grow.


Hands-On Training







Integrate with your other systems

OnTraccr supports many cloud-based integrations with the tools you use daily and we keep adding more!


Why companies love OnTraccr

“From start to finish the transition from our previous system to OnTraccr has been seamless. OnTraccr’s workflows for each step will save us significant time and the potential for human error which in turn will allow us to focus on areas that make us money, rather than cost us money. There is not a moment of second-guessing our decision to switch to OnTraccr!

OnTraccr has streamlined our workflows and given us back valuable time.  It has also combined several systems into one and allows us to have all of our business needs in one place, from CRM to invoicing to reporting to employee time management.  No wasting time and money on several platforms to meet each need, having it all in one place makes everything seamlessly integrated allowing us to focus on making our customers happy.”

Charlotte Wilson, Vice President at Hank's Plumbing & Gasfitting


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