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Operational Transformation: How Ontraccr Cuts Bath Boys' Administrative Time by 30%

In the dynamic realm of construction, Bath Boys found itself at a crossroads. As an industry player seeking sustainable growth, the company grappled with operational challenges ranging from project profitability tracking to efficient resource allocation.

"Ontraccr helped me streamline my approach, and I'm able to spend more time on client-facing activities," says Arian Mushfeq, Owner of Bath Boys.


Operational Efficiency Boost

Ontraccr streamlined Bath Boys' operations, reducing administrative time by 30% and redirecting resources to core business activities.


Significant Improvement in Closing Rates

Following the implementation of Ontraccr, Bath Boys doubled their closing rates, successfully securing two out of 10 jobs even in the current economic climate.

The Platform for Future Growth

Bath Boys plans to explore additional Ontraccr features, including receipt tracking and advanced scheduling, showcasing the role of technology in driving growth and operational excellence in the construction industry.


With 20+ years of experience in Bathroom Remodeling & Renovations across Toronto, Bath Boys delivers top-quality work with a hands-off approach. Specializing exclusively in bathrooms, they bring expertise and a seamless process to transform spaces and make dreams a reality.
Firm Type:
Specialty Contractor
Residential Construction and Renovation
Challenges and Aspirations:

Before the Ontraccr era, Bath Boys faced the complexities of manually tracking hours, managing project budgets, and ensuring a delightful client experience. "We were spending a lot of time on data entry and administrative work, diverting our focus from what truly matters in the business," adds Arian.

The Onboarding Journey:

The onboarding process with Ontraccr marked a pivotal shift for Bath Boys. While there was initial hesitation from the team accustomed to traditional methods, Arian notes, "After a hands-on onsite meeting and a thorough walkthrough, the team was excited to have a piece of technology that made their lives easier."

Operational Impact:

Post-implementation, Ontraccr proved to be more than just a tool; it became an operational ally. Bath Boys experienced a notable reduction in administrative time, freeing up resources that were redirected towards core business activities. Arian estimates a 30% decrease in the time dedicated to payroll processing, allowing him to focus on client interactions and strategic decision-making. "It's helped me streamline my approach, and I'm able to spend more time on client-facing activities," confirms Arian.

Quantifying Success:

Attempting to quantify the impact, Arian highlighted a significant improvement in closing rates, potentially doubling from the pre-Ontraccr era. "With the help of Ontraccr, we're probably closing two out of 10 jobs that we're seeing, which is very good in this economy," mentions Arian.

Exploring Additional Features:

As Bath Boys eyes a trajectory of growth, the company plans to delve deeper into Ontraccr's feature set. Features like receipt tracking and expense management are on the radar to enhance financial transparency. The scheduling feature is anticipated to be a game-changer as the company envisions managing multiple projects simultaneously. "We're looking forward to exploring more features like receipt tracking, expense management, and advanced scheduling as our business continues to grow," Arian says.

Recommendations and Insights:

Arian's advice to fellow business owners echoes the sentiment of many in the industry. Finding a solution that seamlessly integrates technology to alleviate administrative burdens can redefine a company's trajectory. "If you can find something that takes care of administrative tasks in a way where your mind is not worried about it, that's the right path," advises Arian.


The Ontraccr-Bath Boys collaboration exemplifies how a tailored software solution can revolutionize operations, elevate efficiency, and drive growth in the construction industry. Beyond being a tool, Ontraccr has become an indispensable ally in Bath Boys' journey toward operational excellence. The case serves as a testament to the transformative power of technology in overcoming industry-specific challenges, proving that embracing innovation is key to staying ahead in the competitive construction landscape.

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