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How Quality Millwright & Machine Services Upgraded from Jira to Ontraccr for Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Quality Millwright & Machine Services overhauled their operations by partnering with Ontraccr, moving away from the limiting Jira platform to a more customizable and comprehensive system. This digital transformation led to significant efficiency gains, including enhanced workflow management and the elimination of paper-based processes. The company's strategic approach to implementation and Ontraccr's dedicated support have established a new benchmark in operational excellence and client service.


Operational Efficiency

40% faster task processing time


Cost Efficiency

25% reduction in operational expenditures

Data Handling

Reporting speed increased by 50%


Quality Millwright & Machine Services, a dynamic company specializing in a wide range of services from minor repairs to major projects across multiple trades. 
Firm Type:
Specialty Trades / Service Contractor
Commercial / Industrial
The Challenge:

Before switching to Ontraccr, Quality Millwright & Machine Services used Jira to manage their tasks. Although Jira was initially chosen for its affordability and its design for software development, it didn't fully meet the company's broader needs. The platform struggled with tasks like purchasing, invoicing, and integrating with other business operations, which caused significant issues. Moreover, Jira's complex nature and user-unfriendly interface made it hard for technicians to use the platform efficiently.

The Decision:

Finding the right software provider was a careful and detailed process. Munsoor Mirza, the forward-thinking leader at Quality Millwright & Machine Services, was on the lookout for software that could handle the company's varied needs while fitting within their budget and not being too complex. After spending two years evaluating options, including taking advantage of a government-backed consulting program, the company decided on Ontraccr because of its ability to be customized, its wide range of features, and Ontraccr's dedication to working closely with them and providing ongoing support.

Implementation and Rollout:

When it came to rolling out Ontraccr, the company was very strategic to avoid disrupting day-to-day operations. They started with implementing safety inspections and then slowly built up and fine-tuned their workflows for basic operations. This step-by-step plan meant they could run Ontraccr alongside Jira smoothly, easing the transition. Bringing on board a team member with strong technical skills was key to the successful implementation, highlighting the value of having someone with technical know-how, whether from within the company or through an external partner, to manage the process.

Results and Impact:

Ontraccr has completely changed the game for Quality Millwright & Machine Services. Its flexibility and easy-to-customize workflows have significantly boosted the company's operational efficiency. The move to Ontraccr meant saying goodbye to piles of paperwork, as it allowed for digital sign-offs from customers—a handy feature that Jira doesn't offer. This shift to a more streamlined, paperless system has been a huge step towards achieving operational excellence.

Thanks to Ontraccr, Quality Millwright & Machine Services can now handle tasks that were once out of reach, like managing inventory in a way that's seamlessly integrated with their workflow processes. The platform's ability to adjust workflows in real time and quickly tweak forms has made the company more flexible and responsive than ever before.

Surprises and Insights:

The journey with Ontraccr brought unexpected benefits and insights. The personalized attention and support from Ontraccr's team made Quality Millwright & Machine Services feel valued and prioritized, a rare experience in business relationships. Moreover, the platform prompted a shift in perspective towards data flow within the business, introducing a forms-based approach that reshaped how operations were conceptualized and managed.

Recommendation and Future Prospects:

Munsoor Mirza highly recommends Ontraccr to businesses seeking digital transformation, citing its adaptability and the critical importance of technical support for successful implementation. The company's experience highlights the value of selecting a digital solution that not only meets functional requirements but also fosters a partnership approach to addressing challenges and achieving goals.


Quality Millwright & Machine Services' journey with Ontraccr exemplifies the transformative potential of digital adoption. Through strategic implementation, continuous improvement, and a strong partnership with Ontraccr, the company has set a new standard for operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. This success story serves as an inspiring example for other businesses looking to navigate the complexities of digital transformation and achieve their operational objectives.


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