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We take work off your plate

Experience tailored construction solutions that adapt to your needs. Ontraccr simplifies operations, streamlines workflows, and automates tasks, all in one place. Join the future of construction with Ontraccr today.


Our Mission

Construction is one of the oldest and most important industries in our history. What started off as building basic structures thousands of years ago has evolved into a massive, incredibly complex process today. Not only is it challenging to do the physical work, but what makes it much more challenging are the processes required to support the construction work itself. Contracts, documents, schedules, regulations, updates; balancing all of this is enough to make a construction team lose its mind.

The industry needs help to deal with all of these complex processes, and technology is the answer. At Ontraccr, we are on a mission to automate the way construction is managed. Our aim is to take the most time-consuming work off your team's plate and enable you to spend your time on nothing but the most important activities. 


Our Purpose

Why do we exist? To help construction businesses of all sizes find ways to eliminate the unnecessary, tedious activities no one should be spending their time on. 

Have you ever thought to yourself, "there must be a better way to do this"? That's exactly where we come in. Instead of your team repeating those activities over and over again, let Ontraccr do it for you.

Every company's needs are unique, that's why we take a collaborative approach with our customers to understand exactly which workflows are causing pain and how they ideally should work. We are here for you.
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Our Story

We created Ontraccr because we were frustrated with the outdated construction management processes we were forced to use and were disappointed by the lack of well-designed software solutions in the industry. We knew that the industry needed better software solutions that were modern, easy to deploy, and affordable, so we began assembling a team of innovators to re-think how technology should be built to empower construction businesses of all sizes.

Ontraccr was started with automation in mind. We didn't want to just create a better, more efficient way to manage construction workflows, we wanted to take it to the next level by creating a platform that could do the work for you. 

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