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HPG Mechanical Replaces Multiple Tools and Increases Sales by 10% with Ontraccr

Ontraccr has streamlined our workflows and given us back valuable time. It has also combined several systems into one and allows us to have all of our business needs in one place, from CRM to invoicing to reporting to employee time management. We initially bought into it because it met our immediate needs and solved our pain points, but we didn’t realize that there were things it could do that we hadn’t really even thought of yet. Because I’ve never had a program that was this customizable, I really didn’t have a concept of how valuable the customization would be. It changes everything!"

Charlotte Wilson, Vice President, HPG Mechanical



Monthly Revenue Increase

By streamlining their entire sales and service process into one seamless platform, HPG was able to increase monthly sales revenue.


Faster Payment Collection

HPG even uses Ontraccr to manage their Accounts Receivable (AR) workflows, ensuring that payments can be collected promptly.


With all of HPG's past sales and service information at their fingertips, HPG's dispatch team can schedule jobs much faster than before.


HPG Mechanical is a growing mechanical services business in the Calgary area, offering professional plumbing and HVAC services to Calgarians since 1971. HPG specializes in plumbing, heating & gasfitting, and HVAC services for condo building and commercial spaces.
Firm Type:
Field Service
Commercial & Residential Plumbing, Heating & Gasfitting, HVAC.
Combining sales, service, and safety processes into one tool

Charlotte and her team at HPG were in the middle of their digital transformation journey to improve and streamline their business processes in order to become much more efficient. Their biggest needs were to manage their sales and service workflows but they struggled to find a single solution that could cover all of their unique needs. HPG initially found some success in managing their service workflows using a job management software solution, but after using the tool for 4 years, they started realizing the various limitations imposed by the software.

For starters, they simply couldn't use the tool's built-in sales management features to handle their pre-sales processes because their pre-sales workflows were unique and the tool didn't offer the flexibility they needed to implement it successfully. Additionally, the tool didn't offer the robust CRM features that HPG was looking for, such as the ability to manage their entire sales funnel and run reports on historical sales data.  

This led HPG to pursue a separate CRM tool. However, they quickly discovered that their new CRM tool didn't integrate with their existing service tool, effectively creating information silos between the two platforms. This started creating a number of problems across the HPG operation and it was becoming increasingly challenging for the team to manage data across separate tools.

In addition to seeking a solution to combine sales and service effectively, HPG was also looking for a new tool to manage their safety-related workflows in order to win bigger jobs, such as managing Field Level Hazard Assessment documents (FLHA). Although HPG identified some tools in the market that could manage these additional safety workflows, these tools didn't integrate with their existing CRM and service tools which raised the concern that adding another tool to the mix would only add to the operational challenges of managing multiple tools. Ideally, they wanted a single solution that could handle all of their required sales, service, and safety workflows in one.

That's when HPG discovered Ontraccr and immediately saw the value in the platform. Due to Ontraccr's highly customizable workflow automation features, HPG realized they could combine sales, service, and safety processes into one platform, and also design their workflows in a way that best suited them.

“We bought into Ontraccr because it met our immediate needs and solved our pain points, but we didn’t realize that there were things it could do that we hadn’t really even thought of yet”, Charlotte explained.

HPG was able to streamline their entire quoting process into Ontraccr, and switch away from using manual tools like MS Word and Excel spreadsheets to manage their sales quotes and proposals.

"Before, my team would send out quotes and then would forget about it, so they wouldn’t follow up and it would just sit there, but with our custom Ontraccr CRM board, it now gets followed up on. And then when it moves from stage to stage on the board, we now make sure every step of the job is done efficiently and we can track everything. Before, a lot of quotes would get lost and would ultimately result in lost money.”

Charlotte and her team were even able to design a completely new process to easily manage quote requests coming from the field team. "With our customized quote request form, our technicians can just fill it in on the fly so there’s been an increase in jobs booked because it’s easy for them to just go in and put in the information rather than call our dispatcher and hope she wasn’t on the phone and then provide her with all the job information for her to then enter it manually afterwards."

By combining their entire sales, service, and safety functions into one seamless platform with Ontraccr, HPG was able to significantly increase their operational efficiency and increase their bottom line to grow the business further. “We’ve noticed that our sales are actually up. And I equate that to the fact that our quoting process is fully embedded into everything else. Our whole dispatch process has gotten a lot faster as well."

Designing completely new workflows for different departments

Ontraccr lets HPG design workflows across any areas of the business, and this was what really impressed Charlotte. “What surprised me the most was the ability to do things we never thought we needed. It’s the ability to just think of things we need and realize that the software can just do it. Because I’ve never had a program that was this customizable, I really didn’t have a concept of how valuable the customization would be.”

As HPG has grown more accustomed to the level of customization available in Ontraccr over time, they have been able to design completely new workflows for various other functions across the business. “We’re using Ontraccr for so many different functions. For example, I have an AR board that I use to track payment collection and even a recruiting board that I use to hire for our open positions”, says Charlotte. HPG's new Accounts Receivable (AR) management workflow has already led to faster payment collections. They achieved up to 15% faster payment collection according to historical data.

Charlotte and her team plan to continue designing more workflows in the future and love the unparalleled level of flexibility provided by Ontraccr. 

“I honestly don’t think there’s anything that we would need that it couldn’t eventually do. It’s just a matter of trying to figure out what we need. We’ve never had the ability to think that way before. It’s always kind of been like whatever we got, we could use. But now, it’s about having the freedom to go ‘I wonder if it could’, which is crazy to me!" 

Ontraccr has exceeded expectations for HPG Mechanical and is now an integral part of the HPG business.

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