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In the construction industry, tracking and analyzing various metrics is essential for the success of any business. From project stages to financial performance, monitoring key metrics provides valuable insights for decision-making and overall business growth.

This article explores the importance of tracking metrics in construction businesses and how utilizing a software like OnTraccr, a comprehensive construction workflow software, offers specific 'smart' tracking board features to streamline this process.


Importance of Tracking Metrics in Construction


Tracking metrics is crucial for construction businesses to understand their performance, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions. By monitoring various aspects of their operations, contractors can:

1. Measure Project Efficiency: Tracking project flow from stages like Awaiting Bid, Estimating, Estimate Complete, Lost, Won, Active Project, Warranty, and Expired Warranty allows contractors to analyze their project pipeline, identify bottlenecks, and improve overall project efficiency.

2. Assess Financial Performance: Monitoring financial metrics such as revenue, costs, profit margins, and cash flow provides a clear picture of the company's financial health. This information enables contractors to make informed financial decisions, control costs, and ensure profitability.

3. Evaluate Client Relationships: With a CRM-like feature, contractors can effectively manage client relationships throughout the project lifecycle. By tracking client interactions, communication history, and client satisfaction metrics, businesses can identify areas for improvement, nurture client relationships, and enhance customer retention.

4. Optimize Resource Allocation: Tracking resource utilization, labor productivity, and equipment efficiency helps contractors identify areas of resource optimization. This enables them to allocate resources effectively, reduce waste, and enhance productivity. 

How Can a CRM System Automate Metric Reporting?

Construction Workflow Automation (CWA) software like Ontraccr offers a comprehensive CRM feature that enables contractors to manage client relationships and track project flow seamlessly. With customizable project stages, contractors can tailor their workflow to match their specific processes and easily visualize the stages that each project within the company are currently at.  

For example, a project flow can be divided into stages such as Awaiting Bid, Estimating, Estimate Complete, Lost, Won, Active Project, Warranty, and Expired Warranty. Contractors can then easily visualize the progress of each project, identify bottlenecks, and take necessary actions to ensure timely completion.


By using advanced automations that Ontraccr provides, users can also automate the creation of specific tasks based on the stages that are created within their tracking board. This allows contractors to fully embed and automate their business practices so that every project is managed with the same attention to detail. 

Adding to this functionality, contractors can also store and manage project/client information, communication history, and important documents in a centralized system. This streamlines client relationship & project management and ensures that all team members have access to up-to-date information, fostering effective collaboration and communication. 

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Finally, through the use of the Analytics engine, Ontraccr's Boards feature allows contractors to monitor the duration of each project stage, identify areas of delay, and implement strategies for improvement. By having a clear overview of the project flow, contractors can make data-driven decisions, optimize their processes, and increase overall project efficiency.


Utilizing a Custom Analytics Engine

In addition to project flow tracking, Ontraccr offers a powerful custom analytics engine that empowers contractors to track and analyze various metrics critical to their business. This analytics engine allows for the creation of customized reports and dashboards, providing real-time insights into key performance indicators (KPIs).

Contractors can configure the analytics engine to track metrics such as revenue, costs, profit margins, cash flow, project duration, labor productivity, resource utilization, and more. By automating the data collection process, contractors can save time and reduce errors associated with manual data entry. The analytics engine compiles the data into visually appealing reports and dashboards, presenting a holistic view of the business's performance.


With Ontraccr's analytics engine, contractors can set up alerts and notifications for specific metrics. For example, they can receive notifications when a project exceeds the estimated duration or when the profit margin falls below a certain threshold. These proactive alerts enable timely interventions and corrective actions, preventing potential issues from escalating. 

Furthermore, Ontraccr's analytics engine facilitates data-driven decision-making. Contractors can compare historical data, identify trends, and forecast future performance based on reports that allow companies to easily visualize the information in a custom dashboard. This helps them make informed strategic decisions, adjust resource allocation, refine project estimates, streamline and eliminate bottlenecks, and ensure profitability. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you're just starting out or well on your way to building an empire, tracking metrics is essential for running a thriving construction business.

That's where Ontraccr's construction workflow software steps in, offering an array of user-friendly features. From CRM functionality to project flow tracking and a custom analytics engine, Ontraccr empowers contractors to streamline and automate their business practices.

With Ontraccr at your side, you'll witness improved project efficiency, optimized resource allocation, strengthened client relationships, and more informed decision-making. No longer will you be left in the dark when it comes to business insights. Ontraccr's software opens doors to invaluable data that drives growth and propels your construction business to new heights in today's competitive industry. 

So, seize the opportunity to unlock your construction success—get Ontraccr and let your metrics tell the story of your triumphs.