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4 Things You Must Include in Your Website | Creating an Ideal Construction User Experience


Websites are super important for your construction business. No matter how big or small your company might be, investing a small amount of money to create a website can go a long way. People are constantly searching for services on google and just being on the internet will help with leads. With a fully featured website, you can also recommend potential customers to visit your site as it showcases the best work that you've done.

With all that being said, this article will go in-depth into 4 things that you need to have on your website. All these features are a must-have in order to get customers on your site and to retain them for a long time so that they can be confident in hiring you for your services.

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1. Including powerful images to increase website appeal


Having images on your website is very beneficial. In general, people perceive images better than they do large blocks of text. When there is an opportunity to add an image on your site, I would highly recommend doing so. Photos can be added to your homepage, a portfolio/services page, and anywhere else you might find appropriate.

The most important photos you can take as a construction business are before and after photos. By demonstrating the difference your services provide, customers will feel good about asking your company to provide the same service. So, having these before and after photos on your website are key visuals for potential clients to see.

Another piece of content you might choose to have are various videos. Videos can be taken during a project to demonstrate the services you provide. You could even do a time-lapse of the whole project which is a visually appealing method and can be very powerful for customers to see. All these can be great ways to showcase the work your business does. You can add these videos to a separate section for videos and even have it on your home screen as the first thing people will see when they click on your website.

The great part about taking videos and photos is that all you need is your phone. Even if you don't have a phone capable of taking photos, a regular digital camera will do the trick. Any method to create images or videos will help you design a very appealing website for your customers.


2. Explaining and showcasing your services

A services page is another must-have on your website. The purpose for a services page is to describe exactly what your company provides. Customers will be able to read and decide if your services are right for them.

This page will include all of your services and then a detailed description of what that service is. So, if you do electrical work, you can describe the process of a specific electrical service that you can provide. Not only are you demonstrating what you can do for customers, you are promoting your business to other construction companies who are in need of a sub-contractor.

This page can also be a portfolio where you can describe past projects and provide images and photos of these projects.

To wrap up the services page, make sure you provide a high-level overview of the jobs you do and even add some proof from past projects.


3. Adding a dynamic construction blog 


Creating a blog for your website can have many uses. An informative blog can help with attracting customers in so many ways.

First of all, there are different types of content you can produce. One of the ways you can write blogs is to recap a project that was just completed. You can describe what you did, what methods you used, and add any photos or videos from that job. This is just another great way to showcase the fantastic work that your company does. You can have anyone who was involved in the job write it up and it can be a great marketing piece for potential customers to read when they visit your website.

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Another way you can create content on your blog is to produce articles on relevant tips and tricks you may have, or discuss construction industry news. Anything related to construction can be quality content. This allows customers to view your business as a group of people who are knowledgeable in the field of construction and they can feel comfortable that your company can do a great job. Moreover, if you create searchable content, you can attract viewers to your site increasing brand awareness.


4. Using customer testimonials to add authenticity 

If you haven't gotten testimonials from your past customers, I would encourage you to reach out and have them answer some questions for you. Its a great way for future customers to see you have done a great job for others and that you can do a great job for them too.

Testimonials really add to the legitimacy of your website. Not only are they a great marketing tool but by providing a real, authentic opinion, customers will know they are getting quality service.

For your website, there are a few ways to showcase a testimonial.

You can do it in the form of a case study. If you have an interview with a customer, you can write up a case study from it. From there, you can create a landing page on your website that has the detailed case study. You can market this page to potential customers so they can see what your business has done for others. You could also take the transcript from the whole interview and also create a landing page for that. Potential clients will be able to read the whole interview word by word and will have insight on what work your company can do. If you do record the interview, having the audio or video of it will also increase the authenticity of your testimonial. So, having an interview with a past customer can create some great assets.

If you just have quotes or reviews that you would like to showcase, you can add these onto your homepage. These can be a sentence or two describing some of the work your company does.

You could also use your blog to summarize reviews or case studies as well.

As you can see, there are many effective ways to use customer testimonials on your website.

Creating an user-friendly website is key to more leads

If you haven't already created a website for your business, this article should be an indicator to do so. It will help a great deal in the long-run and you can be constantly gathering clients because of this. By adding these 4 features onto your website, you can create a very user-friendly experience so that customers will consider you strongly for the job that they need.

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